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Hello Claude! I am writing to you from Germany and would like to tell you how much i respect and admire your work. It is real art what you are doing, and your selection of the girls/women, as well as the quality of your photos is paramount.

Awesome sites with some of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever seen. Keep it up!

...as your site is not a good site, or a great or even an exceptional site, there is non peril. It's like a Faberge egg: beautiful, magnificent, exquisite, a labor of love and excellence. I have never come across a site which celebrates and respects and exalts women's sexuality (un-affected and unrehearsed but sincere and spontaneous) and at the same time so absolutely and unabashed erotic.

Hello Claude.
I am a new member to SS and to CC.
WOWEE I like it !
Thank you.



Welcome to ClaudeChristian.com

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Welcome to ClaudeChristian.com women naked and in nylons

above short teaser... Dominica ( for 960x540 video )

girls in pantyhose, stockings, stay up and nude show off how horny they are

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 New Woman Lia

Lia meeting 2 - Lia came back...

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New Woman Jessica

Jessica is shy but very very horny....

 New Woman Rye

New Woman Diore

 New Woman Wivi

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 New Woman Antonia

Cute Anna with a slim body to die for.

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 New Woman Eva

 New Woman Kyla Cole

 New Woman Sheila

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Update 09/23 Video Anna gets undressed

Anna's content up inside Members

Anna came over. Dressed in a nice top, jeans hotpants, white stay ups and high heels. No bra, no panties. I could see her nipples through the fabric, already rock hard. She walked into my living room and found a blindfold, took it on, then stand waiting. When I came into the room she was there, waiting. Not knowing what should happen. I started caressing her, undressed her, and fingered her dripping wet and horny. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Update 09/16 Gallery Anna in pantyhose / tights

Anna's content up inside Members

Anna loves nylons. Here I have her in exclusive body colored pantyhose. Her long slim legs and round firm ass look amazing. This girl has legs and ass for wearing nylons. She told me she could feel her pussy being wet and warm in the nylons, not wearing panties. I just love her small breasts with rock hard nipples. Members please enjoy my 23 selected very private pics


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Update 09/11 Gallery Anna in Wolford pantyhose tights shows off her perky breasts

Anna's content up inside Members

Anna loves to show off her body. She is tall and slim, her ass is nicely round, her breasts perky with extremely sensitive nipples. I had her show off her long slim legs and round ass in the exclusive pantyhose. Members please enjoy my 27 selected very private pics


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Update 09/08 Gallery Anna shows off legs in exclusive Wolford pantyhose tights

Anna's content up inside Members

It's a sunny afternoon. I have Anna at my place for the first time. She has already taken off her skirt, and now relaxing in a cute top and exclusive Wolford nylons and high heels. No bra, no panties. She slowly takes off her shoes, stretches her legs and shows off the nylons. Then slowly takes off the top and I can see her nipples are hard. She told me she loves to show her naked body, loves to tease both men and women. Members please enjoy my 25 selected very private pics


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Latest Update - Video Jessica submissive bends over

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Jessica loves role play, loves being submissive and obey. I had her bend over, had her spread her legs slightly. Blindfolded and restrained. I pinched her nipples, had oil on her ass, fingered her wet warm pussy and gave her some spanking. Her body was shivering and her inner thighs where slippery after the treatment. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Paula is a cute and horny true amateur girl with fantastic full heavy tits - she told me her nipples are extremely sensitive. This was the first (and only) time she showed her body and how horny she is in front of the camera.

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Members email:

Dear Claude, I'm a member of your site and have been enjoying very much the original content, quality and variety of your photographs and vids. Congratulations for a job well done! Sincere congratulations.

U da man Claude … keep doin that voodoo that u do! 

Hi, just to comment: the pictures and videos of yours really have style and sophistication...

Dear Claude, I currently have an annual subscription to www.claudechristian.com. This site is incredible elegant eroticism at its best. The photography is professionally tops while the models are nothing short of outstanding. Claude, I have to congratulate you on running a beautiful site.

Dear Claude I love the photos and videos on your sites and just want to say excellent and splendid job.