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New Woman Susan

Susan is a beautiful shy woman. She told me she loves men, and women. And that she loves sex, to be caressed, licked and fucked. But also just spending time for pleasure with another woman. She came over a couple of late afternoons, wanting to relax, to orgasm. I had her show me her lovely body naked and in nylons, had her show me how horny she is. I just love her long slim legs and her firm ass that looks amazing in nylons. It was amazing how horny she got in front of the camera. Her nipples got super sensitive and her pussy dripping wet. This girl needs to be fucked!

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Gallery Susan in nylons

Susan is in my bed, waiting. In nylons, nice pantyhose. She stretches her long legs. Shows her ass in nylons. Then takes of the bra. Her small tits are lovely. Her nipples rock hard. Members please enjoy my 33 selected private pics.

Gallery Susan in nylons

Video Susan in pantyhose - gets her hard clitoris fingerd

Susan is a submissive woman. Loves to let a man do whatever he wants, loves to have her body touched. Her nipples and clitoris are extremely sensitive and she loves to have them licked, sucked, fingered. Here she is one afternoon. Submitting totally. I have her in my bedroom, blindfolded in pantyhose, waiting. Restrained, horny! I walk into the bedroom. She believes its me, but can't be sure - blindfolded, and it makes her even more horny. I have oil on her breasts, caress them. Her nipples are erected, rock hard. I then take the pantyhose off and spread her legs, her pussy is already open wet warm. I then start fingering her hard clitoris. Immediately she starts flowing pussy juice. All naked, spread legs, with a stranger. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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