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Amabella is a cute soft submissive girl that loves men. She loves to dress in nylons, garter belts, short skirts. Also in pantyhose. She told me she is extremely horny. Her nipples gets hard and very sensitive. Her pussy is tight and gets very wet. She told me she can orgasm just having her nipples pinched, or having a dildo deep inside her vibrating. She loved dressing up when we met. Loved the vintage super tight garter belt. And how she looked in garter belt, stockings and a short jeans skirt. Her high heeled boots made her look super cool. She told me she loved being licked and used, just relaxing and obeying.

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Gallery Amabella gets naked

Amabella is at my place. She wants to be used. This cute girl is submissive. She loves to be with men. Slowly she undresses gets naked, keeps her vintage garter belt and stockings on. Then she has the garter belt off. Gets a vibrating dildo in her pussy. .Members please enjoy my 116 selected private pics.


Video Amabella is submissive

Amabella has just arrived. She goes into the bedroom and changes her clothes. Takes on a vintage garter belt and white stockings. A short jeans skirt and a top. Takes on her high heeled boots. The goes into another room where she has to obey and gets licked. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Amabella in vintage garter belt

Amabella was dressed in a nice top, short jeans skirt, a bra and a vintage garter belt and stockings. And black high heeled boots, no panties. She looked very very lovely. I told her to slowly undress in front of me. And she did. Members please enjoy my 55 selected private pics.